nothing but my gun & the guy trying to kill me

If you are a cop, watch this video. Watch the entire thing.





3 thoughts on “nothing but my gun & the guy trying to kill me”

  1. The call started out as an easement dispute. A farmer needed to cross the suspect’s driveway to get to the field. Sounds like a call we go to every year. The call turned deadly when the farmer advised Detective Moore about the suspect was growing marijuana in his yard, dispelling the myth of pacifist marijuana cultivators, the suspect opened fire on Det. Moore without warning, striking him four times.

    Moore engaged the suspect and dropped him with the last round in his gun and then used his belt as a tourniquet for his leg.

    There are many things to note in this interview. A few I took note of are:

    Time distortion: Moore felt that the shooting took an eternity.
    Calmness: Moore mentioned mental rehearsals. The sense of “having been here before” most likely allowed him to focus on what needed to be done instead of panicking.
    Use of cover: He engaged the suspect by shooting under his vehicle.
    Round counting: Det. Moore was not able to count his rounds and fired until empty.
    Re-evaluate: After the suspect went down, Moore evaluated the situation and realized at that time that his gun was locked back to slide lock and was empty.
    Equipment: Moore did not carry spare ammunition and was unable to reload to continue the fight if the suspect had not gone down with his last shot.
    Communication: Although not mentioned, it does not appear that he had a radio on his person and the phone he did carry was damaged in the fight. Have a means to communicate to get help right away.
    Support: The support of his family, fellow officers and his administration helped in his speedy mental recovery. His faith in God allowed him to overcome his feelings of bitterness and allowed him to come out of the situation probably stronger than before it.

    You do our profession proud, Detective Moore. We pray for your speedy and complete recovery.

  2. I had no intention of watching that video to the end, but I couldn’t stop. Pure motivation. That man is an inspiration.

    Tom. You, Sir, have been on a roll here the last week. Thank you.

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