interesting handcuff training


While I’m not 100% sold on some of the details (drawing cuffs instead of some other tool, cuffing in front, etc.), the idea of “flow training” with cuffs is pretty interesting. As is the concept of being able to apply all the tools on the “batman utility belt” within a technique framework.




8 thoughts on “interesting handcuff training”

  1. A little too ‘drill and skill’ for my tastes (but then the idea of the vid is to put the best foot forward and it does look cool), but I agree that it gets the brain juices going about a more free form/fluid approach… not everyone stands there and says “Thank you for the new bracelet… are we a couple now?”

    1. Yeah. I think it’s interesting from a training standpoint vs a “technique” standpoint. Meaning…the idea of training cuffing on the fly is what I like vs any of his specific cuffing techniques. It looks like an interesting way to build skill for cuffing a writhing perp who is at the bottom of the piggy pile.

  2. Interesting cuffs. Looks like they’re selling for about $150-$200 USD a pair though. That’s 4 pairs of stainless S&W’s. I’d take some if someone was throwing them at me for sure though. They look like they’re well made.

  3. That’s a bunch of BS, it’s all a bunch of fancy garbage. No one in their right mind is just going to stand there and watch you try and cuff them like that. Speaking from experience, reality is much much different. If you decide to train like that, your setting yourself up for failure.

    1. Along with the below response, I wanted to add that an ‘oh crap I grabbed my cuffs instead of my pepper spray, sidearm, baton…’ is a good thing to consider on occasion – though this drill/skill is a bit of a fancy way of showing the possibilities.

  4. Bill,

    While I agree with you about the unreality of the video, I think it’s just as unrealistic to practice handcuffing (or any type of skill like this) with a static partner like most of the handcuff training I’ve seen and participated in.

    Though this is a VERY high style look, I think the concept of practicing ‘in motion’ in some way is a good lesson to take from it.

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