just because some guy has trained the military…

…doesn’t necessarily mean he knows what he’s talking about.

I’m very open minded and can be easy to convince that I could be mistaken given good evidence, but this guy leaves me thinking…. Uhhhh…what? Anybody know who this guy is? Or what unit he is teaching here? Am I way off base?



10 thoughts on “just because some guy has trained the military…”

    1. http://judoinfo.com/pdf/FM21-150.pdf

      Shows a ’92 publication date but obviously the information and diagrams are going to be older than that.

      This may be before the current Army Combative instruction (which I believe is much more BJJ influenced) but I think the fundamentals, goals, and design is pretty solid to teach the fundamentals of technique/tactics/mindset.

  1. 1. The ‘why my stuff is better than anyone else’s rant in the middle is a annoying – he’s there, he’s instructing so they they’ve already ‘bought’ his spiel – focus on instruction.

    2. Question: What is the context of application? He’s saying ‘eye rakes are okay..’ but are they? Really? He talks to an LEO among the students so what group/how is being instructed and for what kind of application? If it is ‘combative’ instruction isn’t it possible that the bad guy is wearing a helmet too? If you ‘eye rake’ aren’t you going to be banging your fingers against his helmet/gear as well? Wouldn’t palm strikes/hammer fists be safer but still effective (and easier to train and retain)?

    3. The ‘neckbreak’ at the end is definitely hokum (at least the way he’s demo’ing it). There are some very simple and clear old military combatives manuals out there that show a ‘neck break’ as a sentry removal technique and it’s the exact opposite just about everything he’s demonstrating.

    4. Why isn’t the instructor ‘walking the walk’ by instructing/demoing in the same gear that the students are wearing?

    5. This is my biggest pet peeve: Too many “Combative” instructors use ‘boxing’ footwork shuffles and slides for their ‘combative’ training of others…. you have to train footwork to fit the conditions and the ‘push step’ or ‘shuffle step’ footwork on broken ground is not the way to go IMO.

  2. This guy tweaks my BS antennae several ways:
    1. He seems to use a scenario that is crafted not so much from realism as much as from the scenario’s potential to show his techniques as successful. I cannot imagine a tactical scenario where, wearing full kit & weapons, I would place my hand on the shoulder/torso of a potential bad guy. I mean, if I squint my eyes and do a lot of Nadia Comăneci mental gymnastics…okay, maybe. But, it’s definitely a niche scenario, and not one on which I’d spend a bunch of time.
    2. He talks about how the wrestling/grappling approach is ineffective because the subject never cooperates, and then talks about how simple it is to rake a guy’s eyes–which, while effective, is pretty much the number one target the CNS is hard-wired to protect. Not dis-believing, just not buying it from what I’ve seen.
    3. I know a whole bunch of ways to break a neck. The simple “push-pull” instruction is replete with weaknesses (but, you’ve got to admit, looked pretty good in Lethal Weapon 1 when Mel makes his entrance into the main room after Murtaugh is told “there are no more heroes.”)
    4. I wouldn’t condemn the guy based on the vid, but I’d want to see a whole lot more of his stuff before I endorsed him.

    1. A major piece of tactical training consideration IMO is the single point sling/long gun issue…. I haven’t seen anyone doing ‘combative’ hand to hand instruction even address that issue.

  3. I have trained w/ Mater Golden for over 20 years. Everything he states is true. I have also helped our military train at Ft. Dix, NJ at the FOB. He is world class and his accomplishments are all true.

    K. Hutchison

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