but i want it!

Ahh the internet! I find myself falling into the habit of surfing through the sites of various weapon manufacturers, optics makers, gear hawkers etc. and feel like a kid looking through Christmas catalouges again. I guess that dates me, who remembers paper Christmas catalouges?

Thing is…now that I am no longer in the military or on the dept SWAT team, I don’t really NEED a lot of the fancy stuff. But I want it.

Why should I spend almost a grand on a SWEET helmet like an Ops Core FAST helmet? When would I ever wear it except to play Spec Ops soldier?

Why hell, because it’s so frickin’ cool lookin that’s why!

Seriously though. I have NO problem whatsoever with people who rig themselves out like a Delta Guy, I’m just jelaous that they have that much money to spend on toys and I don’t, but I sometimes wonder about the wisdom of it…the need for it.

If I believed that I would someday re-enlist or have to suit up with the team again, then I could see the wisdom of training as I would fight. However, having a full rig of armor, plates and helmet for when the black helicopters begin to land or TEOTWAWKI kicks off seems a tad out there for me. If I had that kind of scratch available I’d shoot a hell of a lot more, buy ammo and maybe travel to a shooting school or two.

But that helmet, with a PVS14-3, a commo boom and a helmet light would look so bad ass!



6 thoughts on “but i want it!”

  1. Maybe you’ll need it for SHTF and WROL situations where the zombies are walking the streets?

    “The Minuteman Prerogative” by Nutnfancy

  2. Humorous post 😉

    “but I sometimes wonder about the wisdom of it…the need for it.”

    Maybe the wisdom of it, and/or the need for it, is practical. Practical by way of a release for some of us “Walter Mitty-ites”. LOL

      1. Exactly. And honestly. If money were no object I probably would rig myself up with a cool guy outfit. But damn..even the high speed pants and jackets can run up to $500-$600!!!!

  3. The joy of living in a country like ours is that you can do what you want with your money (as long as it isn’t illegal that is). As long as ppl don’t fool themselves into believing the old “clothes make the man” dillusion (i.e. “I’m as good as a SpecOp/LEO…) just because they wear the same gear and play with the same toys… go for it.

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