fact and faith

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It has been my experience that seeking the “truth” (in the spiritual sense) is as much about faith as it is about fact.

I’ve seen many bitter and sour people who spent too much of themselves worrying about what is “true”….I have seen many of the things that people are capable of doing to each other and I am far from naive, so I’m not preaching “sunshine and daisy’s”. However, as I see things, reality and “truth” in human terms are different from “evidence” or scientific truth/fact.  I think that the “Things Worth Believing In” are the unquantifiable human belief in things such as love, courage, freedom, justice, good prevailing over evil, etc. Certainly, when we are talking about policy and law we need to consider scientific fact, but on an individual basis, I think that happiness is more about what we choose to believe.

No triumph of the human spirit was ever founded in cynicism. We all believe in something, and those beliefs, rightly or wrongly held , are the lens through which we live out our lives. If someone want’s to see life as nothing but chemical reactions and electrical impulses, be my guest. I will choose to believe otherwise.



3 thoughts on “fact and faith”

  1. I would tend to agree, as long as that lens through which we view the world and live our lives does not lead us to treat others with different lenses as something less. And yet, so often that is what I see.

    Do I believe things to be true without evidence of their veracity? No. I need some modicum of evidence besides that which is antecdotal. In many ways the term “opium of the masses” rings true to me, when I see the contradiction between what is said and what is lived out.

    And yet, I was once first through the door on a hostage rescue of a 19 year old pregnant, crack addicted, gang member, and I can’t attribute my willingness to risk my electrical impulses for hers to evolutionary processes. I recognize their is some complexity to this issue.

  2. The thing about humans is we tend to value ourselves to much,i don’t want to sound cynical but people are prone to thinking what they have is right, special and better than others. If we could only open our mind a little more, facts and faith would be the least of our problems.

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