can you see the difference here? AKA train wisely

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Take a look at this thread from View From The Porch.

What sort of training are you doing?



10 thoughts on “can you see the difference here? AKA train wisely”

  1. I watched the vid and HOLY COW! Richard Severe (The first vid) seems to be a Jack of all trades and a newb at them all. He’s got Ninjutsu videos, Systema videos, Trad Japanese Art Videos, firearms videos…. attempting to leave the viewer with the impression that he’s a teacher of all of them.

    One pattern I’ve noticed in his vids is they feature him and one “skinny young guy” in each of them and occasionally a “heavier young guy” in them as well.

    Back to this vid comparison though:

    Two obvious points IMO:

    1. Equipment: Though civ self defense is a wide open field of equipment and slinging systems, I think it looks a little “Militia Daycare” when you have two guys in Boonie hats, Black T’s, Cami bottoms and SNEAKERS shooting AK (or SKS’s vid quality was not great) with 2 pt slings. If the point is to promote himself as an instructor for civvies and possibly LEO/MIL, go with the polo and brush pants thing for a ‘casual professional’ look that is more neutral.

    2. Technique: Beyond the looseness/sloppiness of the technical skill, they had no respect for plain old range fundamentals (muzzle sweeps, getting off the line with each other during live fire….).

    Out of fairness, the point of the two videos isn’t obvious individually but the first seems to be a ‘promote myself/my skill in order to seem credible to teach YOU’ and the second seems like a video ‘summary’ of a day of shooting – not instructional or promotional per se. But, the second video showed MUCH more technical precision both tactically and in terms of range safety/muzzle awareness.

      1. Agreed Surgere,
        I’ve come across these other MA vids at different times, but until I searched by name, I never realized it was all the same guy…

        I’m all for cross training and multi-disciplinary skill sets – a.k.a. “McGuyver” mentality” – but there has to be a central set of skills or a single discipline/goal that the others ‘support.’

        It’s the difference between a hockey player who does olympic lifts for the purpose of improving his hockey. The wt. lifting ‘supports’ the hockey performance goal. He’d look like a fool if he tried to claim to be an expert and begin training ppl to compete at the Olympics based on that experience.

        This guy doesn’t even seem to have a clear center/goal of skills to wrap the rest of it around.

  2. The video of Severe’s cammie-clad peeps “ninja rolling” their way through the woods with their FALs was maybe the most unintentionally hilarious vid I’ve seen this year.

      1. The original video/comparison that Tom forwarded from Severe is even scarier because they are actually shooting live rounds… funny how all of that rolling and flopping didn’t happen in that video….

  3. Ok, I watched the vid. and now understand, lol. Looks like an aikido school for soldiers.

    Would a soldier or police officer ever need/use those type of skills?

    My non instructor friend Paul has demonstrated a what-if you fall, or need to fall scenario. He’s never been a soldier or a police officer.

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