what is accuracy?

An interesting post from a new (to me) blog I am following. Vuurowapen Blog.

Accuracy can be subjective.

For example, if I said that I had a pretty accurate rifle, but did not clarify that statement, one listener might think that I had a rifle that could shoot .5 MOA (1 MOA = 1.047″ at 100 yards), while another might think that I had a rifle that could shoot 2 MOA. The first guy might think that I based my statement on a single three shot group. The second might think that I fired ten shots.

Check this blog out if you are a shooter.



2 thoughts on “what is accuracy?”

  1. Not to be nitpicky but the author seems to be using the work accuracy in place of precision.
    Technically an accurate rifle could be peppering the hole paper but have the group well centered. Accuracy tends to be more about the skill of the user than about the weapon its self.
    Precision on the other hand is the repeatability of the rifle. A rifle could be shooting a dime size group from a bench vise and that group be 10 inches from the bulls-eye. That would still be a precise rifle.
    End of nerdy semantics rant…

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