to everything there is a season

Four Seasons - Longbridge Road
Image by joiseyshowaa via Flickr

By this time I’m sure that most of the folks who read what I put up here have noticed that I have taken an extended jaunt into the “gun nut” side of the house. I appear to have started a cycle of “weapon centeredness” and have decided to just post what I’m currently doing vs trying to cook up some more “cerebral” stuff to mix things up.

My interests and training/workout focus seems to ebb and flow between topics as the season goes by. I’m guessing my current direction is due to the influence of warmer weather, more outdoor activity and the approach of hunting season. When winter sets in you will most likely see the trend move back towards more philosophical and opinion centered posts.



2 thoughts on “to everything there is a season”

  1. This is actually reassuring to me, since I am also posting as important things come up just lately. Although not weapon acquisition, exactly, for me. I think my approach right now is more a cleaning and maintenance.

    The seasonal trope is also right, because those themes will recur, you know?

    I think divergences represent consolidation of previous, and growth into whole approaches later.

    Take care,
    Ann T.

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