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I currently own a Bushmaster Carbon 15 M4 style carbine. The carbon fiber receivers and it’s lack of a dust cover and forward assist make this model not everybody’s “cup o tea”, but I enjoy it; and for what I have been using it for it has been a dependable, lightweight and entirely sufficient tool.

I have been adding a few “upgrades” and components here and there over time. I have changed forends a few times, tried various vertical foregrips, and replaced the pistol grip. The one decision I had a tad of “buyers remorse” over was my stock replacement.

I wanted a fixed stock so I put an ACE ARFX-E entry length stock on it with a 1/2″ recoil pad. I like to run my carbine “nose to charging handle” and with the buttstock closer to the center of my chest with a squared up stance vs in the shoulder pocket and a more bladed stance. This short stock worked nicely when shooting this style, but I found that it was way too short for me to make any other position work efficiently.

In order to increase my length of pull a few additional inches I decided to replace the recoil pad with the beefier 1″ version. I also discovered the DPMS Buttstock Extender. This piece of Aluminum (with included buffer tube extension) added another 1″ of length. This put me (more or less) in the same neighborhood as an A1 stock.

A word of advice from a guy who apparently can’t learn a lesson. When I put the fixed stock on the first time I forgot that the buffer retention pin is spring-loaded and when the extension tube is threaded out it can shoot across a room quite expediently. Well, when I was putting the DPMS extender on guess what happened again. Yup….sprrrrooooinnng!


4 thoughts on “new gun stuff…”

  1. Learning the AR15 appears to be rocket science compared to learning the AK.

    Nice setup by the way. A tactical carbine with KISS in mind.

  2. I have been considering putting on a free float tube, but since I dont run any lasers or forend mounted optics I decided to stick with non-float. The advantage in accuracy I would gain would most likely go unnoticed with a 16″ barrel and my level of accuracy at the ranges I shoot at anyway. If I think I have reached the level where I can shoot better than the gun can allow then maybe I’ll reconsider.

  3. I like a fixed stock with a short length of pull. I have the same issues with any shooting position other than standing. I would look at the Troy Battle Axe stock ( when it is released). It has a fixed stock feel and is adjustable. The butt plate opens up for storage ( blow out kit). This is a nice piece of kit.
    The float tube is a must if you run a sling like the VTAC. If you are putting tension on the sling to help your shooting platform, you can alter shot placement up to 6 inches at 100 yards. If you mount the sling to the tube you are good to go.

  4. I often wonder at the whole FF/sling thing..the USMC quals at 500M with stock A2’s and slings. They seem to have no issues and their longer barrels would seem to be at risk of more “influence” of tension than a shorter stick. But then again they are not attaching sling mounts to the sides of their forend’s either.

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