nice rifle drill





4 thoughts on “nice rifle drill”

  1. Really cool drill; thanks.
    Comment/Question: I understand that they’re trying to build a sturdy platform for shooting in a kneeling position, but it strikes me as odd to use a method that exposes your knee while doing so (it seems to break the plane of cover just as much, if not more than, the weapon; a comparison can be seen near the end of the video at 5:54).
    Is this something negligible, or am I nitpicking?

  2. He makes a pretty good argument for it at 2:22. You do have a point but I guess it depends on how you want to balance your position behind cover with mobility, stability and ability to hit.

  3. If you read Kyle Lambs book ” Green Eyes , Black Rifle” He describes this position( Shooting Around Corners). He advocates the outside knee up because it will ad support to your shooting position and is faster to get out of. I find you can keep the knee behind cover with a little effort. This position also prevents you from exposing your femoral artery. Lamb has done five tours in the Iraq with Delta and states he used this firing position in combat more than any other. I used to stay off of cover as a general rule and would have not given much thought to this position. After reading Lambs book and learning the techniques I have changed my opinions.

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