warrior fitness

Thanks to Warrior Depot for this vid:

If you are going to watch any of this video, watch the one leg “box jump” this guy does. I do a little plyometric work myself and let me tell you I don’t know if I will ever be able to do THAT! This dude is a machine. Special Op’s will do that to you I guess.


2 thoughts on “warrior fitness”

  1. Tim has been through a basic L.E. academy and his dad worked Narcs for many years. I got to train with him here in San Luis Obispo ( SLO Kickboxing) before he went into the Army. He was a stud before the Army got him.This guy is a professional athlete that you can feel proud of supporting. He earned the Bronze Star and is a S/F stud. He comes from a Law Enforcement Family and may pin on the badge some day ( if he gets tiered of kicking everyones butt for big money). Even if you are not an MMA fan, you should watch some of Tim’s fights. He is a true American Hero.

  2. Tim Kennedy is a great guy. He was “accelerated” through a lot of SOF developmental stages and went almost straight into a high-end job–not necessarily, though, because of his physical prowess. More because his moral/ethical dimension, maturity, and common sense were as hypertrophied as his physique.
    GMF, wish him all the best in his MMA career.

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