8 thoughts on “cut you down”

  1. Ok, and what are we to learn from this… that it’s fun to play with guns? I don’t get the whole gun culture in the US: sure a responsible citizen with no criminal record should have the right to legally own a handgun but what’s the deal with these fanatics? Unless you’re police or military or you live in some shitty neighbourhood with a driveby-shooting every other hour you don’t need this and it’s obviously more about weekend-warriors with psychological deficiencies than anything else. I’m sure it’s a whole lot less fun when people are actually shooting back and some of your buddies are dying beside you.

    If you get off on shooting it’d be more productive to join the national guard or the military or police, of course in that case you’d actually have to do more than emptying clips and actually exercise some restraint (I’m not talking about you or anybody that actually puts their life on the line to keep people safe, I’m talking about people who’s d*** grows an inch every time they unload onto a paper target). I’m actually thinking about joining the reserve in my country or even full-time as a professional soldier, my only problem is that it seems such a waste to spend a couple of years learning something that is hardly a marketable skill in society so perhaps a civilian job coupled with a few weekends a year may be a better idea. Perhaps you could advise me on this?

  2. I can advise you to do a little research before you spend too much time typing an opinionated rant.

    Most of the people on that video ARE military or former military first of all. Second, I am in Law Enforcement and was former military and your idea that a gunfight is somehow an exercise in firing single, well aimed shots is somewhat laughable.

    If these people are responsible citizens who legally own their firearms then what is the issue with HOW they train with them? If they want to shoot at paper targets like that then what business is it of anybodies?

    What can you learn from that? That these guys are training in some of the latest “cutting edge” combative carbine tactics that are being taught by professional trainers today.

    I think you jumping to a conclusion this is “obviously more about weekend-warriors with psychological deficiencies than anything else.” says more about YOU than it does about them. Or at least it speaks to your close minded viewpoint on gun ownership. If some of those young men were indeed in the military then chances are that they know FAR more about having “buddies dying” beside them than you do.


  3. There are people out there that risk their lives to protect us. I for one want them to have the best training and equipment possible, so that they have the best chance to go home to their loved ones at the end of their tour. What we saw in the video was rapid precise combat shooting. I wish I were as well trained as these guys are.

  4. WOW Zara, would love to know where you hail from. Please study America before you release a tirade like that. Particularly our early history. Then I would like you to read up on historical events such as;Turkey 1911 thru 1917, Soviet Union 1929 thru 1953, Germany 1939 thru 1940, China 1948 thru 1952, Cambodia 1975 thru 1977. If you are an honest and intelligent person who can reason objectively you will see the correlation. Not willing to do the reading? Okay, each of these countries denied their citizens the right of self defense and confiscated their weapons, and during each time period killed millions of innocent people. The total count, 55 million souls, dead because they were not able to defend themselves. They allowed their government to pen them up as sheep. Do not think it happens in the here and now? Then read up on the Sudan, North Korea, Congo, Somalia, Iran. Do not think it will ever happen in the country that you live? Lets hope not eh? THE RIGHT TO DEFEND YOURSELF IS THE MOST BASIC HUMAN RIGHT WE OWN, AND HOW WE TRAIN OURSELVES TO DO JUST THAT IS OUR RESPONSIBILITY.

  5. Zara- please, don’t throw away your tricycle- I’m sure you have absolutely no use for a ten speed bicycle, or something even more ‘modern’.
    And please-please-please, NEVER EVER drive a car- you may think you’re MArio Andretti or somebody who actually knows how to do something.
    Shy III

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