tactical preschool 59


Another basic rule about the tactical use of lights. DO NOT silhouette your team mates! It is all too easy to forget this one and I must admit to doing it accidentally on occasion; but you should constantly be reminding yourself to avoid using your light if there is someone in front of you. Bursts of light to the left or right may be OK, but you must practice with your lights so that you know just how far laterally you can shine your lights and not cast shadows of any team members in front of you.



4 thoughts on “tactical preschool 59”

  1. Love this series. Question, when clearing a room with a small team (2-4), is it better to leave a man outside the room to cover the rear/hallway? or bring everyone in?

    1. My personal opinion? If you have the bodies, leave a person outside till the room is cleared, then pull him inside to cover the hallway and leave him behind in the room. Do this with each room and once the structure is clear each person should be able to see the guy in the next room and do a “link-up” that confirms that the entire structure is secure. That really only works well if you have a lot of manpower and/or a thorough knowledge of the building.

      For small team tactics you won’t have enough people to do that…unless a room is small…then you may want to only make entry with 2-3 guys and leave the man outside. Or do a limited entry and maybe not enter the room at all. But I wouldn’t leave him there, after a couple of rooms you will be out of guys.

  2. I found that a 6 man team strikes a perfect balance as it is the smllest number that allows you to maintain 360 degrees of security almost all the time.

    In room clearing 6 man teams allow you to have 4 operators clearing while the other 2 provide security.

    6 man teams are also particularly useful in clearing hallway interections again with 4 clearing and 2 on security.

    And finally 6 man teams can still get away with having only one team leader as 5 subordinate operators are still within the span of control.

    The only bad things about this is that sometimes the 2 operators on security may be overwhelmed by the amount of danger areas that have to be covered as well as the lower mobility of the 6 men compared to a 4 man team.

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