tactical preschool 58

A basic tactical skill is operating in low-light conditions. These days there are a plethora of lighting do-dads that can be carried in hand, attached to your weapon or attached to your body. There are a few basic things to know when using these lights in a tactical situation.


The first rule of thumb to learn is that you should never be wandering around a danger area with your light constantly on like you are out looking for earthworms. Anybody with evil intent towards you will have a beacon to aim at as you move around. You have to learn to search with “bursts of light”. In this example, the good guy is moving down a hallway.

From a position of cover he “fires” a burst of light to clear the area he wants to move to. I recommend that you don’t “sweep” your light around too much. It’s my opinion that it’s better to check an area…turn the light off…then check another area. It is much more disorienting to someone who may be at the other end of your light and makes it tougher for him to zero in on you. Other opinions on that may vary.

Now..very important…turn your light OFF and either move immediately or wait a second before moving out. I suggest you mix that up as you go as it makes your pattern of “light and move” tougher to predict.

With your light off, move to your next position of cover.


Wash…rinse…and repeat as necessary.

P.S. There is also nothing wrong with a burst of light while you are on the move to check danger areas, address threats etc. This illustration is only an example of a basic technique. These rules of thumb are not set in stone.



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