book review:Green Eyes & Black Rifles

I had been reading a lot about this book on various tactical forums lately so I decided to buy a copy. The author, Kyle Lamb, is a former SF (most likely Delta) soldier with combat experience in Mogadishu and Mosul, and is currently an owner of Viking-Tactics. Kyle wrote this book over the course of several years during down time in-between ops while in the box.

The book is written for the AR shooter specifically, but much of what is written can be of use to the tactical shooter regardless of the platform he/she carries.

Green Eyes & Black Rifles (referring to the green eyes of NVG goggles and the AR) starts out with rifle history, manufacture and components. He then heads to optics and sighting systems, weapon handling, reloads and a thorough section of clearing malfunctions. This is then followed by marksmanship techniques, the fighting stance, various shooting positions and shooting on the move. Zeroing, ballistics, slings (Viking-Tactics slings of course 😉 ), weapon retention, night fighting, cleaning and more than I care to mention are all covered in a concise and matter of fact manner in this book.

If you are looking for the “secret techniques” that will make you the King of Combat, you are going to be disappointed; but that is exactly why you should get this book. Kyle, like almost any warrior-trainer who has been there and done that, knows that there are no “secret techniques” only basics performed at higher speeds. He is cutting through the bullshit and giving you the techniques that work.

So. If you are looking for “specialization” perhaps this book isn’t for you, but if you want to know what a decorated combat Delta trooper has to say about the combat carbine you can’t go wrong with this book.



6 thoughts on “book review:Green Eyes & Black Rifles”

  1. Green Eyes Black Rifles is definitely a worthwhile read for anyone looking to fight with a rifle. It’s got quite a bit of interesting stuff in there, particularly on non-standard shooting positions.

  2. Thanks Tom. Will let you know how I go with that. Still plodding along with ‘the Accidental Guerilla’ by David Kilcullen.

  3. I’ve heard something that I can’t buy this book. I’m leaving outside US, I’m a Brazilian police officer. Is that true? can you confirm this info! Tks a lot mates!

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