one of those things that looks easier than it is

Before I became a Cop I used to watch the television show “Cops” and wonder why so many police officers were out of shape. I mean that guy who they were chasing jumped that fence like it wasn’t there and that cop could hardly make it over.

Well a few months after getting out of FTO my partner and I located a stolen car parked in a local housing complex and the chase was on! After sprinting 100 yds and  jumping two 6′ chainlinks I was bleeding all over and my legs were like rubber. After we caught these two guys I learned a few things.

The tops of most chainlink fences have sharp pieces of fence sticking up over the top-bar. I slashed both palms pretty good (no gloves) and sliced the back of a leg when going over. Left scars you will find on a lot of cops.

Second… running in boots, vest and duty gear is entirely different from “jogging”. The energy systems in your body that are tapped for sprinting and running with weight on you are different from the one that lets you run a 5K. I highly recommend training systems like Crossfit that emphasize stamina, power and sustained work output. By the time I caught up with my guy I was simply jogging and keeping him in sight. Fortunately my “wind” was better than his and he couldn’t keep up the pace. Luckily he decided not to fight because I pretty much just fell on the guy and got cuffs on him. My fitness goals changed immediately.


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