fast roping 101

In light of current events.



4 thoughts on “fast roping 101”

  1. LOL! Funny how simple this seems when you aren’t looking at it from the “Gods of War” perspective standing over a sand table…

    Insertion/Extractions always look cool on recruiting posters and action movies but there’s enough statistical danger in just rappelling, fast roping, jumping out of a helicopter, or even driving a HumV to ‘meet friends’ somewhere…. why be stupid and dive into a hornets nest too…

    Along with ‘knowing’ I’d add ‘Getting there’ (or “getting out of there”) is half the battle.

    1. Yup.

      It’s operational tunnel vision… “We are going to fast-rope onto the deck come hell or high water damnit!!”

      If you are looking down onto a deck of chain/pipe and knife wielding crazies how about flying away and have the navy deal with the boat?

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