are politicians really this STUPID?!?

Why yes…yes they are.

From an article titled:  Why shooting to wound doesn’t make sense scientifically, legally, or tactically.

The New York Post has just reported that Brooklyn Assembly Members Annette Robinson [D.-Bedford Stuyvesant] and Darryl Towns [D.-East New York] have introduced a “minimum force” bill that would require officers to “shoot a suspect in the arm or the leg” and to use firearms “with the intent to stop, rather than kill.”

Why is it always the Democrats????

More from the article:

The experts we consulted agreed that advocates who push a shoot-to-wound agenda appear to understand little about human dynamics, ballistics, tactics, force legalities or the challenges officers face on the street. Chudwin has found that these critics of police practices can often be enlightened if they are invited to experience force decision-making scenarios on a firearms simulator.

Avery has a more dramatic, if fanciful, idea. “Put them in a cage with a lion,” he suggests. “Then let’s see if they shoot to wound.”

A F’n MEN!!!

Go read the article



4 thoughts on “are politicians really this STUPID?!?”

  1. I don’t think they realize a shot to an arm or a leg may result in death as well. Whoever conjured up this law has watched too many movies…

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