survival preschool: shelter

A working knowledge of how to construct an emergency shelter is an important survival skill. I found this nice video that shows how to construct one.

The spruce root as cording was an interesting tip. Although I would have to get better at my tree identification skills to make that one work. I know its a pine/evergreen.

Spruce Trees
Image by sandy richard via Flickr

An important point made by the instructor is the necessity of a good axe. I don’t know how many campers or hikers routinely carry one due to the size and weight, but it may be a good idea to consider what you would use for the purpose. Those cable saws are nice..I have owned one or two but they certainly are labor intensive and time consuming to use.

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2 thoughts on “survival preschool: shelter”

  1. Dear tgace,
    I looked up spruce. They are the evergreens with opposing needles. They are sometimes deciduous. I didn’t find the descriptions very handy.

    However, I love the match thing. Makes perfect sense, and so did this video’s reminder to conserve effort by whittling the thatch in the place you were going to use it!

    Thank you,
    Ann T.

  2. I had a book years ago that was just called “Bushcraft” that I was reminded of when I watched this video. The one point he makes early on that is SOOO important in any stress situation is NOT TO RUSH! That is so true. Taking control of your sense of time is a good way of maintaining psychological/emotional control over fear/uncertainty and panic on top of making sure things get done well.

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