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I believe that judgment IS a requirement in this life. I don’t support “pre-judgment”, making a decision before considering the facts, but the “who am I to judge” crowd is wrong. “Judge not, lest ye be judged” doesn’t mean we shouldn’t judge. It means that we should consider our own faults before passing judgment on someone else. When a society starts thinking that there is no right or wrong…good or bad…then anarchy reigns and things like justice, peace, honor, truth, courage, integrity and “good” begin to fade away.


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4 thoughts on “judgement”

  1. I like to remember context when it comes to words like this.

    Judgement, on a personal level, is the ability to make sound decisions based on inner and outer variable (values, abilities, situation..). THAT kind of “judgement” has to be nurtured and trained or you end up owing way too much money to the “Ginsu Knife Company” because you got suckered.

    Judgement, as in ‘passing judgement’ on another human being is intellectual vigilanteism. For example, the whole Tiger Woods debacle is a recent example of a lot of people ‘passing judgement’ IMO.

    There’s a big difference between having an opinion and ‘passing judgement’ on someone/something. “Opinions” are (or at least should) be open to change as new information arises. Once a Judgement has been passed… well, it’s pretty well fixed.

    1. To me some things are simply “wrong” and the people who do them are “wrong” and I have no problem passing judgement on that. Tiger sleeping around on his wife with all those women (with her unknowing and unapproving) is “wrong”. Thats my judgement. Its in the “sentencing” where people loose their minds. So what he did was “wrong”…what does that have to do with his playing of golf? Just because we can judge something as wrong doesn’t mean that we have to “punish”. Thats where the confusion sets in IMO.

      1. You’ve clarified the dimension that I was moving toward with the ‘punishment’ concept better than I could.

        I thing what he did was ‘wrong’ too based on my ‘inner/outer variables’ and personal judgement skills as the stand now.

        That doesn’t give me the right/power to ‘punish’ him for his actions.

      2. I don’t know why I didn’t think of it before, but what I see is ‘judgement’ (personal judgement that is) becomes “condemnation,” as you described, when people begin feeling that they need to ‘punish’ someone.

        I can see what Tiger Woods did as wrong, but that doesn’t give me the right/authority to slap him across the face in order to punish him for it.

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