6 thoughts on “knock..knock..BOOM”

  1. Doesn’t that sort of eliminate the element of surprise. I mean the troops are going to have to stand further back anyway so its going to take time to run in. Also the explosion seemed rather small and I understand this lessens the risk of civilians being injured but isn’t the explosions job all so to stun the hostiles for the second it takes the soldiers to get in.

  2. Alex,
    As long as the angles are right, the team can still stack up on the door. The beauty of this system is that a sharpshooter in overwatch with a Simon, as opposed to “just” a sniper EOT team, can cover the assaulters from the Last Covered and Concealed position on their way to the target. If they are not compromised, the sharpshooter can blow the door just as their breaching charge would. If they are compromised, they can “go dynamic” without worrying about not being able to get through the door.
    Think I may need to light up a Camel.

  3. Pair this up with a grenade launcher to lob in a few CS, Flash bang, or smoke grenades and you’ve got a lot of mayhem for the ppl in the room/building.

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