tactical preschool 49

We have already covered the basics of room clearing, so we all know that in an ideal situation each operator will move into a room by moving towards each corner of the wall closest to the door; then depending on the situation move up along the sides of the room to clear it of threats.

We have also noted that some rooms may be too small to be worth the risk of entering. In those cases, a “limited penetration” may be employed whereby the operator(s) clear the room from the doorway without entering.

Sometimes, the layout of a structure may present you with a situation where the room may be too small to preform a textbook clearing, yet require you to move through it. In those cases you may have to perform a “same side” entry whereby the operators enter to the same side of a room while covering their sectors of fire. This is a less than ideal situation due to the fact that the two of you will present a larger target confined to one area, and that it provides you with lesser coverage of fire, but this is a game of “the best option that you have” more often than not.

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