tactical preschool 48

If you are ever in a situation where you have to engage targets from within a room, a rule of thumb to remember is: avoid standing right at a window with your muzzle sticking out of it. Doing so makes you visible to anybody standing outside and that typically results in them paying your position more attention than will be healthy for you.


In general, it is better to stand away from the window and engage targets from the back of the room. Doing so helps conceal your position and makes it harder for those outside to hit you. If you have to engage targets below your line of sight you can move forward, fire, and then move back. And referring back to lesson #3, it is a good idea to displace to another room or building when possible. If you have the ability to move, it is almost always good to do so.


4 thoughts on “tactical preschool 48”

  1. Targets below your line of sight can easily be engaged with munitions such as frag or wp nades, or even preplaced charges or mines. Alternatively interlocking and mutually supporting positions should be able to engage targets below line of sight to other positions ensuring you don’t have to break LOS and move forward.

    1. The main idea is to conceal your position by not being visible. The adversary on the outside may not be able to determine which room to blow up.

  2. I only have one comment and it is about the entire Tactical Preschool blog, this information is great, to the point and very simple to follow making it a great tool for beginners such as myself, my only problem is that i am having trouble navigating the lessons i am being jumped back and forth from lessons to other lessons trying to find the right ones in order my one recommendation is that all of these get put into a .pdf format and posted to make it a one click all lessons sorta thing.

    Great work keep it up

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