Modern Army Combatives



6 thoughts on “Modern Army Combatives”

  1. I recently read that they are transitioning away from grappling to a more FMA/weapons and hands transitional structure to their combatives.

  2. I think the Marine Corps Martial Arts program is moving more briskly in the right ‘combatives’ direction. The Army seems to be moving in the same direction though.

    I’m not sure if either system is moving beyond individual fighting practice and incorporating any small unit tactics into. I don’t think it’s too essential, though, since battefield hand to hand should be ‘duck n’ cover’ and ‘hit and run’ tactics with a focus on getting to the next weapon system/unit.

  3. Agreed Paul,

    I think the MCMAP program is a very good example of that a military combatives program should be. The only other one that is maybe superior in my opinion is the Force Recon Marines Pekiti Tirsia program. Still they are both very good.

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