urban warfare center


The Urban Warfare Center is a training facility I just recently discovered.  Too bad its all the way out in friggin Utah. If I had the money and motivation I would love to open one of these places with the ability to run “force on force” training AND have it be live fire and explosive breaching training capable as well.


3 thoughts on “urban warfare center”

  1. Dear Tgace,
    You would be wonderful at this. Keep this dream around, opportunity sometimes comes a-knocking.

    You’ve been honing your lesson plans right here and gathering material, too.

    Ann T.

    1. There is quite an expense involved in setting up and running one of these places. In order to be competitive you really have to “keep up with the jonses” who are offering more and more advanced training facilities.

    2. Well, naturally you know more about this than I, but I do know you have something to offer that they don’t have. And that something is you: exceedingly wise and valuable to know. There may be a niche there that you can make your own.

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