Clint Smith on the Tac Reload


Im with Clint on this one.




4 thoughts on “Clint Smith on the Tac Reload”

  1. Great Video. I like how he talks about when to use this technique and when not to.

    “Why take your gun apart when you might still need it?” Brilliant observation that defeats the dogma behind tactical reloads.


  2. I really like how he specifically mentions partner work and tac reloads.

    If it’s a personal defense/solo situation and guns are in play… I don’t know if I’m going to be thinking about a tac reload so much as ‘duck and cover’ kind of considerations.

    Unless I’m in trapped in a coffin, I would think my first choice would be to beat feet. If there’s time/space for a tac reload then there’s time/space to start the process of getting out of dodge.

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