Knight Templar
Image by Creativity+ Timothy K Hamilton via Flickr

For you who love heroic things
In summer dream or winter tale,
I tell of warriors, saints, and kings,
In scarlet, sackcloth, glittering mail,
And helmets peaked with iron wings.

They beat down Wrong; they strove for Right.
In ringing fields, on grappled ships,
Singing, they flung into the fight.
They fell with triumph on their lips,
And in their eyes a glorious light.

That light still gleams. From far away
Their brave song greets us like a cheer.
We fight the same great fight as they,
Right against Wrong; we, now and here;
They, in their fashion, yesterday.

-William Canton

Text copyright © 1997 by William J. Bennett


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2 thoughts on “Heroes”

  1. never thought of it that way

    but it was the truth: it is that same energy, those same values, hopes, and aspirations, that same drive that thread together all the heroes of all the eras

  2. Tom,

    I’d love to voice this for your blog, do you know if there are any copyright hitches about that when you were selecting it for the article?

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