i know it’s a sales video…

…and it’s intended to be flashy and to make you want to buy their product; so I guess they did a good job because I WANT, WANT, WANT ONE!

But for 3K? I think I will just salivate over the video thank you very much.

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4 thoughts on “i know it’s a sales video…”

  1. Actually, I was unimpressed with it after handling it at SHOT.

    1) expensive. The base model is $$$$ and if you want full rails, you have to buy the advanced model – more $$$$.

    2) the grip sucks. AND its molded into the lower. In a world of custom aftermarket grips, this is suicide for the rifle design.

    3) plastic. There shalt be no plastic on any rifle. (the FN SCAR is especially guilty of this)

    I’d rather get a gas piston, all metal, Robinson XCR. Looks to me like Remmington copied the XCR, but didn’t quite get it right.

    1. For a weapon that showcases it modularity I can’t fathom why they don’t have a replaceable grip. As for the rest; the plastic part doesn’t really bother me. I own a Carbon 15 M4 already. As long as it’s accurate and reliable it’s “all good” IMO.

      The price though. I can’t ignore that.

  2. Remington is making the Military and LEO models. Bushmaster is making it for us civilians. We had been told 1500 for a long time and I was planning on buying it at that price. Then they went and doubled the price, such a shame it could have been a nice rifle, but not for 3k. I know I’m not the only one angry about this.

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