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Here is a nice little preview of Kelly McCann‘s “Crucible HRE Series”. I think I may have to pick this one up.

Although…I do have some small issues with the guy talking about going for the “mobility kill”. Comparing self-defense situations to deer hunting terminal ballistics is a bit of a stretch IMO. First off the deer isn’t a human; It’s not shooting back at you or trying to kill you. Second, most deer hunting scenarios where you see what he is talking about involve shotguns or rifles, not pistol rounds.

It’s my opinion that the “pelvic girdle” shot is a concept best used when that area of the body may be all that’s presented to you. For example, when you are firing at lower body targets from under a vehicle you are using as cover. It’s never been one of my “top of the list” targets. You will always get better and more consistent results with COM shots or head shots.


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One thought on “video preview”

  1. Hey there,

    Looks like a good DVD. Though I am like you in full agreement with the Center Of Mass always being the first option with the head second and finally the pelvic girdle in a distant third.

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