can i have that with a burpee on the side?

Burpee’s suck. They are also probably one of the best ways to push your workout into a higher intensity “gut check”.

I have been mixing in a “100 burpee-one two’s” into my workout. My goal is to do as many reps at once as I can. The idea is to reach an “embrace the suck” point where I have to force myself to continue. Right now thats around 30 reps. I then wind up gulping air and doing the rest in 10-15 rep chunks. As time goes on my aim is to do more of them at once and complete the 100 in less time. It quickly emulates that “gassed” feeling you get after rolling around with someone for a while. Good stuff.

Im thinking about mixing them in with some range training at some point.

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7 thoughts on “can i have that with a burpee on the side?”

  1. he..he..I hate burpees! Done correctly, they suck big time. Try Sumo Deadlift High Pull and then burpee, combo…decrease the SDLHP reps and increase the burpees – 30/5-20/10-10/15-5/20. It’s puke city!

  2. Hate burpees like I hate overhead squats, ‘pistol squats’ and dead hang pull ups…. oh yeah, I hate peas and brussel sprouts too.

    Funny thing is their all really good for you…

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