a police officers christmas poem

Santa gets arrested - Santacon 2008
Image by Steve Rhodes via Flickr

by Denise at CopDevotionals

‘Twas the night before Christmas, and all through the streets,
Not a person was stirring, ‘cept an officer on the beat.
As he quietly patrolled the city with care,
Children and parents slept peacefully there.
The officer was clad in his blues and his vest,
Gun on his hip, always looking his best.
He’d just pulled aside for a quick bite to eat,
When all of a sudden, out on the street,
A bright light appeared from out of nowhere,
He shielded his eyes from the brilliant glare.
‘Twas an angel of the Lord at the car’s rear,
He smiled and spoke, “Dear Officer, don’t fear.”
“I’ve been sent by God with a message for you
Who faithfully serve while wearing the blue.
He wants you to know that He loves you all,
He’s pleased with the way you’ve answered His call.
“To protect and serve others, so selfless you’ve been,
Your bravery and kindness have known no end.
Even in tragedy, when nights became long,
You’ve helped countless strangers by just being strong.
“God sees your heart, the joy and the pain,
He knows the profession can often bring strain.
So he sent me down here to let you know,
That as you patrol, you are never alone.
“As you protect others, your Father protects you,
His angels go with you, His Spirit does, too.
No bullet’s too fast, no bad guy too strong,
I’m sent to make sure that your life will be long.
“So fear not the night, and fear not the day,
fear not the threats that might come your way.
I’m sent to accompany you on your beat,
There’s not one moment you’re alone on the street.”
The officer sat stunned by the love of His God,
He bowed his head, with a tear gave a nod.
As the officer said thank you, the angel took flight,
“God’s got your back, carry on, and goodnight.”


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