a newfound quote i like

Parthenon from west
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Blatantly lifted from Ann T. Hathaway’s blog:

Theognis of Megara (6th Century B.C.)
lines 869-872

May wide and towering heaven collapse upon me in all its bronze and terror,
catastrophe to the peoples of earth,
on that day when I no longer stand by my companions,
on that day when I cease to harry my enemies.


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3 thoughts on “a newfound quote i like”

  1. Thank you, and Ann, for bringing this to my attention; it’s very enlightening.

    Is he belligerently wagering the fate of the world on his own convictions? Is he conceitedly proposing that all other people are lost without him? Is he selflessly putting himself in the shoes of all people who, without having the same steadfastness, would doom the earth with a lack of discipline?

    It’s very interesting to read these old poets and notice that their works can be read in many different ways depending on who is reading them.

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