tactical preschool 39

Todays lesson requires that you remember what you were taught back in lesson 12 regarding doors.

As you recall. If you see hinges the door is a “pull door” and will open out. If you are approaching a “pull door” you need to be positioned on the doorknob side so that the door will not be opening in your face, becoming an obstacle to your entry. Which is “Bad JuJu”.

The one thing you don’t want in these situations is “Bad JuJu”.

Conversely, if you do not see the hinges, it is a “push door”. On these you want to position yourself on the opposite side of the knob.

This allows the point man to have an immediate and unobstructed path of entry and observation.



5 thoughts on “tactical preschool 39”

  1. I have read all 39 of your lessons today. I find them extremely interesting and love the fact they are no BS and no complicated explanations for what your attempting to illustrate. You say what needs to be said for us to understand what you want us to get out of it. I, myself, am a civilian with minimal tactical experience. I do play airsoft actively, but i’m not the irresponsible type of player law enforcement receives calls about. Knowing this information makes me a better aspect of my team and a better informed civilian than i was before. Thank you and keep them coming!! Joe from MA

  2. “This allows the point man to have an immediate and obscured path of entry and observation.”

    Don’t you mean unobstructed path of entry? 🙂

    I would think that an obscured path of entry would be more “bad juju,” right? 🙂

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