tactical preschool: movie day

I doubt that they do it anymore, but when I was a kid in school, the teacher would sometimes roll in the movie projector with a couple of actual “films” that supplemented what we were being taught in class. I suppose that VCR’s and DVD players have supplanted the projector, but in the same spirit:

I just came across this video:

And I thought that it was an excellent supplement to “tactical preschool 11“.

One thing I would like to say, and I’m sure that some of the “been there, done that, got the t-shirt” readers out there will agree. While some people think that this stuff is “the shit”, and that it would be the height of “coolness” to kick a door, the fact of the matter is that room entry is the tactic of last resort, or the tactic of “only option”. There is nothing more likely to get you killed than making entry into a small room with an armed person in it. If there is another option I highly suggest you take it. These tactics provide the operator with the best chance of success…not invincibility.


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3 thoughts on “tactical preschool: movie day”

  1. People usually think it’s “the shit” until they have to do flow drills for 6-8 hours a day, in full kit, for day after day before ever running through a live fire or simunition iteration.
    Then they say, “gee, assualting is hard.”

  2. Yup. That too. I have always thought that stuff like this goes in cycles.

    “It would be cool to do that.”

    “This stuff isn’t as cool as I thought it would be.”

    “I’m so damn cool because I did that.”

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