are you properly focused?

Another great post over at Spartan Cops.

Just because you’ve never seen a train on a stretch of tracks doesn’t mean there never will be one. Yet that is how many officers behave when it comes to low probability / high consequence events. Even though we haven’t seen one in a while, inevitably they will occur and we need to prepare for them.

If you mishandle a shoplifting case, it is not a big deal. If you screw up a murder, it will haunt you, the police department, and the family of the victim. If you do a bad job on an interview, life will go on. If you do a bad job using force, it can have immense consequences.

Scott is dead on target here. We tend to prepare ourselves for the stuff that always happens because…well it’s what always happens. There is a tendency to neglect preparing for the stuff that seldom happens but has a huge impact when it does.

How do you prepare?

Go read it.



One thought on “are you properly focused?”

  1. Dear tgace,

    This is true for civilians too–preparing for worst-case scenarios, like fire drills out of the house, stocking water and candles, thinking about when you open the door or not, who gets to date your daughter . . .

    You know. You wish they thought this through every darned day.

    Listening to your words to the wise, and
    I enjoyed the article.
    Ann T.

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