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I have been kicking around a few ideas on a new series of posts that would be  in the same genre as my “tactical preschool” series. Before I go investing too much thought and effort into it I thought I would post up a poll to see what my readership thinks.

What I am considering:

A “survival preschool”- I would try to cover basic survival skills such as water purification, shelter building, field dressing an animal, cold weather survival etc.

An “LE contact preschool”- I would attempt to provide information on the “police contact” basics. How to behave on car stops, common mistakes that people make that can turn a “bad” situation “worse”, dealing with car accidents, tickets, what happens after an arrest etc. No secrets on how to “get out” of something…just basic information about how most LE contacts go.

A “self-sufficiency preschool”- Basic advice on how to do things like change a car tire, do an oil change/brake job, replace a shingle on your roof, mend a fence…a bit of a departure from the normal stuff you see here, but in-line with the philosophy of self-sufficiency as part of the “warriors path”.

9 thoughts on “topic opinion poll”

  1. Tactical Preschool was genius. We’ve actually combined them in a PDF and are using the posts to help refresh some of the newbies on my own team in the basics. I vote you continue the thread, or go with LE Contacts. Keep up the great work.

  2. Dear Tgace,
    These are all great ideas and all good to read.
    Is the LE contact school to be for civilians?
    If so, want that one! How to give a description, for instance–“He was really tall, like 7 feet, and I don’t know what he weighed. Big.”

    I’m going to vote for that. But whatever you pick, I’ll be back!

    Ann T.

  3. Dear Sir,

    I’ve really appreciated the tactical pre-school. Regarding this poll, I voted for the survival series since it’s more directly applicable to me as a non-LEO, but I would find the LEO contact one interesting as well.

    I think your third choice, while important, is too broad, as though you were considering “Life: the preschool lesson”. It could cover anything from car repair to carving a turkey,social situations like offering a toast or meeting you future in-laws for the first time, not to mention personal financial basics. If you do go ahead with a survival pre-school, may I suggest you don’t forget the urban environment; Eg. getting out of a car in water (hint: don’t text your BFF for advice), car breakdown in winter, handling small fires, dealing with stray dogs, best practises in calling 911, etc.

    Best Regards,
    Marc B. Calgary, Canada.

  4. Another vote for all the above! I’ve enjoyed practically all the articles here thus far, and can’t imagine there being a negative out of the three. I vote write on your strongest topics.

  5. Thank you all for your input. I’m thinking of doing the LE and Survival courses as the mood hit’s me. Feel free to request any LE issues you would like addressed.

  6. Excellent blog/ topics.

    As a LE Officer, I would love to see more on Physical Fitness ideas (like the Crossfit) but your perspective, officer safety, or defensive tactics topics.

    In addition, all the Preschool topics are good.

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