tactical preschool 36

Communications are vital in any tactical operation. Sometimes, due to the necessity for stealth or simply the need for quick signaling, operators need to use hand signals.

There are many signals and many different signals for the same message depending on where you look. What ultimately matters is that everybody agrees on a set of signals and sticks to them. There has been a recent trend towards standardizing tactical hand signals for SWAT teams. This makes operations with other agencies in large operations easier and in the event of a mutual aid call out can help minimize miss-communications.

Below are a few examples of hand signals that are fairly common and pretty consistent regardless of which system you use.

listen.gif (15004 bytes)Listen

watch.gif (12331 bytes)Look

hurry.gif (15393 bytes)Hurry Up

stop.gif (9934 bytes)Stop

down.gif (11018 bytes)Get Down/Find Cover

freeze.gif (16555 bytes)Freeze

cover.gif (12391 bytes)Cover (my move..area with fire)

understand.gif (13524 bytes)Understood

dontunder.gif (14550 bytes)Do not understand

door.gif (9519 bytes)Door

window.gif (9361 bytes)Window

enter.gif (9374 bytes)Entry point

rally.gif (12730 bytes) Rally Point

enemy.gif (16411 bytes)Enemy

hostage.gif (13754 bytes)Hostage


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3 thoughts on “tactical preschool 36”

  1. I can’t see these pictures anymore without thinking about the hilarious parodies. “Aim for the ass”. Bwahahahahaha.

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