How To Live: Principles and Precepts

An excellent post from a friend of this blog over at; William The Coroner’s Forensic Files. It’s about living a life “worth believing in”.

Read it, learn it, live it.


One thought on “How To Live: Principles and Precepts”

  1. Dear Tgace,
    I keep returning to this post and to your link.

    I keep thinking it’s a good idea to write these things out or know them intimately, and share them.

    I find also that irrespective of opinion, a person who thinks about these things has a kinship in the world with others who think about them. It could be even more of an exchange than it is.

    It’s the thoughtfulness that makes the basis, that takes it beyond the constant yak-yak of preaching to a preaching choir.

    Ann T.

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