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I typically avoid political issues here, but the recent turn of events in our Congress leaves me concerned. If passed, this new health care legislation would be a major shift towards the government assuming more power than I believe the Constitution allows. While I do believe that our health care system does indeed need an overhaul, the government believing that they have the authority to mandate that we ALL must purchase a product as part of our citizenship seems blatantly unconstitutional on it’s face. They like to point to auto insurance, but ignore the fact that if I don’t want to pay auto insurance I simply do not drive a car.

The “interstate commerce clause” and the “general welfare” statement will probably be their attempt to legitimize this power grab. I can but hope that the “checks and balances” of the Senate or the Supreme Court perform their duties as they were intended.


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5 thoughts on “diversion from the usual…”

  1. I, like you, try not to politisize too much because many of my friends do not share my family’s political views. I agree wholeheartedly with you. The gov’t does need to come up with some new regulations re: health care but they should not be a “provider” or an “insurer”…they just need to regulate them. I, as well as most people I know, share your concern.

  2. The problem with legislation is not in design but implementation. If a great regulatory policy is not kept alive because of a lack of supervision by people, it isn’t a bad policy it’s bad enforcement.

    If military operations were run like legislative adjustments/changes, things would be really messed up.

    1. Congress is forgetting their place. The Constitution lists what exactly they have the authority to do. Its all in Article I Section 8. They should look it up.

  3. A lot of us out here have a problem with the fact that people with pre-existing conditions, and the poor, are unable to afford basic health care.

    After everyone is fed and has appropriate baseline medical care, that’s when we should think about throwing money around in some third world hellhole.

    A surprisingly large percentage– something like 7%– of US healthcare dollars spent last year wound up in the pocket of the CEO of United Healthcare. We need to do something about that NOW.

    1. If the gvt. is going to do ANYTHING it should be in accordance with the “rules” i.e. the Constitution that grants it authority. If health care is such a moral imperative, supported by the will of the governed then pass a Constitutional Amendment nationalizing health care.

      Otherwise the “Its for the poor”..”It’s for the Children!!” cries are simply diversionary tactics employed to circumvent the controls on government power the founding fathers installed specifically to prevent.

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