tactical preschool 28

How to cross the street.

Sometimes your team may have to cross a danger area like a street or yard. If the distance is within a 3-5 second rush what you typically do NOT want to do is cross the area one person at a time.


The reason you don’t want to do that is because it alerts the bad guys that that you are there and gives them a clue that more are probably coming.


The bad guy knowing where you are is usually a bad thing….


There are a few better ways to solve this problem.

You can obscure the opponents vision with smoke, if you have it. You can distract him by having another nearby team pin him down with fire as you move. You can simply rush the entire team across the gap (put some space between you all…don’t bunch up). Or you can do as I have illustrated.

One man lays down some cover while the rest of the team moves across the danger area.


Once the team is across the danger area, one member provides immediate cover for the remaining member to cross over.


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