USMC Combat Fitness Test (CFT)

Leave it up to the USMC to be on the cutting edge of Combat Fitness. Especially if it involves running the hell out you. Good for them, THIS is what Combat Fitness is all about. It’s not about being able to do so many push-up’s, sit-up’s, chin-up’s etc.

I think this should be run near a range where firearms manipulation/accuracy while puked out could enter into the equation.


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6 thoughts on “USMC Combat Fitness Test (CFT)”

  1. Good stuff Tom. Practical strength and endurance as opposed to theoretical strength. I’ve thought about this often and have incorporated some similar (but I must admit not as punishing) drills into my own training.

    1. Take a look at CrossFit. You don’t have to “do the program” exclusively but you can esaily take some of their workouts an fill the niche you are looking at.

      1. Already have Tom. Unfortunately in my area they are exorbitantly expensive. I will keep my eye on it though.

      2. I suggest looking at their website. Go to the FAQ and check-out the workout descriptions. Many can be done on your own. If you have a barbell and/or you can get a hold of a kettlebell and a set of rings you are set.

      3. a pull up bar and some sand filled duffel bags – and if you feel really crazy a standard saucer sled and some toe rope can give you some basic tools for a lot of self created challenging exercises..

        Heck, Tom and I have just pushed my SUV until we were hacking up lungs …

        Crossfit has a whole ‘thing’ about them, so I can see the gyms being expensive as hell.

  2. Very true. Something to note, that I’m a little surprised by, is the updated BDU/ACU. The Army is still using the Digital/MARPAT camo, and it looks to me like the Marines have FINALY upgraded( or should I say updated?) to the Crye Precision MultiCam. I love the multicam personally, and never found the MARPAT as effective, if at all. A few dozen washes you look like Casper the ghost. I’m not even going to mention what it looks like with NVG’s. “M.A.R.P.A.T – Man the Army’s Really Pissed At This” LoL. Crye FTW!

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