tactical preschool 20

Remember that cover works both ways.

If he can’t hit you through it, you can’t hit him either; and while cover can offer great advantages to you, if you don’t maintain Observation (OODA again..”hint hint”) of your opponent, he can maneuver against you at will. This is why military tactics involve suppressing enemy positions with fire while assault elements move into position.

If you duck down behind cover for too long you cant see what your opponent is doing, which is a bad thing. You must strive to use your cover for protection while still being able to observe and engage your opponent.




2 thoughts on “tactical preschool 20”

  1. You say to ensure that your maintain observation while behind cover, but that is kinda like saying “Don’t get shot”. Easy to say, hard to do.

    The question I ask is how do you maintain observation while keeping cover. Techniques are good. The armchair warrior in me says I am to use the “whack a mole” technique, where like the carnival game of the same name when you pop-out, it is always from another spot in an effort to prevent an enemy from guessing when and where you may pop-out for a quick look. e.g. once from the left then the top then the left again, then the right etc…

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