tactical preschool 18

For today’s lesson I would like to draw upon the principle of displacement, which we have discussed before.

If you have detained an opponent at gunpoint it is wise to displace yourself a few times and seek cover as you deal with him. If you stay in one spot it allows your opponent to plan and determine a course of action. You want to prevent that.

A technique that works well is to give strong simple commands like “HANDS UP!”…”TURN AROUND!”…and once his back is to you, move in between commands while seeking cover. This prevents your enemy from being able to determine your location.

This displacement technique breaks into your opponents OODA cycle by preventing him from OBSERVING you (TURN AROUND!) and ORIENTING on you (when you move he cant orient on your location). By doing this it hopefully keeps your opponent from DECIDING a course of action and ACTing upon it and if he does you are at least behind cover to deal with it.


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