weapons for reporters…get it right for once


I cannot stand it when the news reports: “drug dealers home raided…machine gun found” and they show a table of dope w/an AK47.

Or when hunting rifles are called “Assault Weapons“….a .45 cal 1911 called a “revolver”..and on, and on.

So I am going to keep this simple:

These are handguns. They are small so they can fit in your hand.


These are the common “hunting guns”..they are the ones that are “OK”. Even Bill Clinton said so. The Shotgun has a big fat barrel that can shoot out a bunch of small BB’s to shoot down clay targets, ducks or Dick Cheney’s friends. The Rifle has a small opening in the barrel and can hit things far away. Deer, targets, road signs..all that “nice” stuff.


Ooooo! Look out! These are those evil, nasty “Assault Weapons”. Never mind that they fire the same kind of Ammo as the “rifle” above. These badboys have “magazines”…”flash hiders”… “bayonet lugs”…and HORRORS “Pistol Grips”! I’m probably breaking a law just showing them to you. BUT THEY ARE NOT MACHINE GUNS!


These two can have the words “machine” and “gun” placed next to each other, but as you can see they are very different in appearance. Don’t get all confused on me now, but…the top one fires the same kinds of bullets as the “handgun” (remember? the ones that you can hold in one hand?). The big one fires the same sorts of bullets as the “rifle”. Yes the “nice” hunting rife and the “mean and nasty Assault Weapons”.


OK…so we don’t get brain cramps that will be all for today. Nothing more to see here…move along.

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7 thoughts on “weapons for reporters…get it right for once”

    1. Remember..its not what they do thats important. Its how they look thats important.

      Bayonet lugs, flash hiders and pistol grips? Really??

      I can understand magazine capacity…dont agree with it but I can understand the argument. But bayonet lugs?? Those have to go? WTF?

  1. I’m all for accuracy, but it’s not unreasonable to characterize an assault rifle as a machine gun. AKs and AR15s are capable/can easily be converted to full auto, which makes them a machine gun in by any meaningful definition of the word. You can’t tell by looking at them, and if I were unfortunate enough to have to deal with someone holding one, I’d for sure assume it was full auto.

    And it’s not unreasonable for reporters to differentiate even between hunting rifles and assault rifles – the latter have been designed to engage humans who are fighting back, not bambi. Or would you prefer an SMLE rather than an AK for a typical urban firefight?

    1. An Automatic Weapon is not by default a MG

      Although the term “machine gun” is often used by civilians to describe all fully automatic weapons, it’s military definition refers to heavy weapons, typically crew-served, that are fired from some sort of support rather than hand-held. The intent of the MG is to provide continuous or frequent bursts of automatic fire for as long as ammunition lasts, typically to provide suppressive fire.

      MG’s are usually divided into “light”, “medium”, “heavy” or “general purpose”…but even the lightest machine guns tend to be substantially larger and heavier than other automatic weapons.

      So no..I disagree.

      Have someone shoot at you with a 30-06 and see if you feel like “its no big deal…its not an assault rifle”..lol!

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