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My good friend and martial arts instructor Paul Martin has put together an online course for learning a basic Filipino Martial Art technique called Siniwali. Siniwali means “weaving” in Tagalog and is the technique you see on the silver screen when a character is swinging weapons around with both hands. Paul had to use his son and myself as demonstration dummies. 


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4 thoughts on “look ma im on the internet-siniwali”

    1. The movements in the video clip are intentionally exaggerated and the arm positions are a bit “contrived” to hopefully make it easier to follow. I wouldn’t normally stand with one hand under the other arm like that if I thought someone was going to punch me…..if you intentionally try to “tap” your shoulders and sides with your hands while trying to learn the movement it can help get it “down”.

      1. Exactly Tom, there is a big difference between ‘moving to learn the move’ and ‘moving to DO the move’

        This course was designed to ‘teach the move’ first then ‘teach the concept’ second. Other than some full speed demo, there isn’t any tactical or ‘street’ focus to this instruction.

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