MMA conditioning

A nice example of MMA conditioning and how it paid off in a match. The fighter is Paulo Thiago.



3 thoughts on “MMA conditioning”

  1. That is some pretty cool and advanced training. Most have no concept what it takes to actually get into the ring – there are literally months of preparation.

    At our gym we typically have a 12 week “camp” for any fighter getting ready to enter the squared circle. This camp we are currently in is particularly brutal, but we will never lose a fight to poor conditioning.

  2. 1. I’m going to give that standing on the ball thing a shot, just for shits and grins. I’ll let you know how it goes…when I get out of traction.
    2. I’m a huge fan of conditioning, but still, you’re always going to fight tired/exhausted; just a function of stress. The big lesson is to get your mind around it and not worry–during the fight–that you’re body will crap out on you.

    1. Thats why I’m a fan of these CrossFit style GPP workouts. The “work till you puke” factor closely mimics that exhaustion…and you train your body to keep going.

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