it’s all of a piece

Cover of "Bigger, Stronger, Faster*"
Cover of Bigger, Stronger, Faster*

I just finished watching Bigger Stronger Faster*  *The side effects of being American”. The film can be viewed here. I recommend watching it. When you do, think about the things the characters say:

“I’d rather be dead than average.”

“I was born to attain greatness..I need to attain greatness.”

…then think about the whole “warriorship” phenomena and some of the dangers it can sometimes produce. I think that the mindset featured in this movie and the one found in the darker reaches of martial arts obsession can be seen as sides of the same coin; the need to fill a void in ones life, the desire to be “powerful” and the fear of being “average”…its all of a piece.

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2 thoughts on “it’s all of a piece”

  1. I have recommended this movie to several officers at work especially those that are interested in weightlifting.

    I thought the movie presented a fairly balanced and researched view of not just steroids but the desire to reach the top of whatever game or industry that you are involved in.

    Good post as always Tom.

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