SWAT rocks for sale!!


One of my brother in blue bloggers over at Spartan Cops talks about gear, tools and the “chicks dig it factor” in one of his recent posts called Ever buy a SWAT Rock? An excerpt goes:

“What’s a SWAT rock?” the handler replied.

“One of these.” He said as he grabbed a small stone off the ground and threw it at a car deep in the parking lot. The sound the rock made hitting the car caught the attention of the searching dog and made him investigate that area and eventually find the suspect.

The instructor continued. “A SWAT rock is the same thing except you paint it black, put it in a bag labeled SWAT, and sell it to guys like me for $14.95. Paint it black and I’ll buy just about anything.”

Many of us in this line of work, or subject of interest, have fallen into this mode of thought. I think that to some extent we all still do, it’s just as you get older and “wiser” you start to recognize that you just want something because its “cool” and don’t bother trying to justify it in any other way.

As long as the “SWAT rock” works and you don’t mind paying 3X its actual value for it then who am I to judge?

If you neglect your training because all your time and cash go into “SWAT Rocks” instead of lessons and ammo..well then you are a fool.



One thought on “SWAT rocks for sale!!”

  1. Friend once told me about a geology class one day, teacher had just finished part of a lecture on different types of rocks and walked up to somebody, handed them a small one and said “This is a sex stone.”

    Lots of people leafing through books, whispering, until someone raised a hand: “What’s a ‘sex stone’?”

    “Just another fuckin’ rock.”

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