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…I came across a Law Enforcement book site called Warrior Spirit Books. While I haven’t purchased anything from them and am not in a position to recommend or criticize the company, I found the introduction blurb on their home page kind of interesting.

Warrior Spirit Books is dedicated to the men and women who have chosen careers in law enforcement as police and corrections officers. We are committed to serve these brave warriors by publishing and distributing quality books and videos from the top police, corrections and military trainers from around the world. The books and videos sold by Warrior Spirit Books address reality based training, functional (combat) fitness, firearms training, emotional survival, mental preparation, preparing for deadly force encounters and leadership issues for police and corrections officers. Law enforcement professionals face a unique and exciting blend of opportunities and challenges in their daily roles as police and corrections officers. To meet these challenges and perform at the highest levels throughout their careers warriors working in the field of police, corrections and the military must be committed to the pursuit of personal excellence. A key element in this pursuit is training the mind, body and spirit and a personal commitment to always be better tomorrow than they are today. This requires police and corrections officers to take positive action every day in the way of personal growth and development. Warrior Spirit Books was developed to assist police and corrections officers on their journey toward this path of personal growth and development. We accomplish this by providing high quality books and videos to help police and corrections officers in their training be mentally and physically prepared to win any confrontation.

That concept closely mirrors my own opinion on warriorship, professionalism and training. I have always subscribed to the idea that “warriorship” (in military and law enforcement) has more to do with professionalism and dedication to craft than it does to simply holding a title. Likewise, martial artists cant simply clim the title because they practice unarmed combat skills. There is more to it than that.

Many soldiers are “grunts” and many cops are “flatfoots” and there is nothing wrong with that. There is honor and respect in being a “working class” public servant. But those who like to think of their career as a calling to “warriorship” dont just look at the  job as a paycheck or a way to pay for college. Warriors look for ways to improve and hone their skills. They train “on their own dime” and on their own time. They stay physically fit. They keep up on the latest threats, gear, techniques and equipment through reading, research, and trade publications. Warriors  don’t revert to “joes” the moment they take off the uniform.Their calling shows itself in everything from the the books they read, the things they do in their spare time and how they speak, act and look at life.

That’s not to say that you have to be “on” all the time or that you cant kick back and relax; but as I have mentioned in previous posts, the warrior should always be mindful of their thoughts, words, deeds and the sort of people they associate with. Maintaining a good reputation may not make you the life of every party or be a laugh a minute, but it will pay dividends in the long run.

While this may all seem like a tall order, its always been my philosophy that “one small thing” a day is all that you really need to maintain your mindset. While a dedicated program of training is essential, the day to day lifestyle we all have to deal with can lead us away from “the path” at times. When you cant fit in that workout or wind-up missing a class here or there try to “do something”. That something can be a few push-ups and sit-ups, a few minutes of dry fire practice or reading a few pages of “The Art of War” or “Law Officer Magazine”. Maintaining the mindset that you will do something to improve your skills each and every day will help you keep your feet on the path.

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3 thoughts on “while i was surfing the net…”

  1. Warrior Spirit Books is a site run by Brian Willis. http://www.winningmindtraining.com/

    Brian is one of the best law enforcement instructors in the nation. I recently attended his Winning Mind seminar and I can honestly say that in my 25 year law enforcement career, this was the best and most informative seminar that I have ever attended. I highly recommend this site. Best wishes,


  2. Perfectly stated. Having worked along side fewer and fewer professionals every year and more and more “in it for the image and pay check” it is frustrating.

    In my area of work I’m often asked why I prefer to work alone instead of getting some part timers. Though not a big fan of the movie 300 the scene where Leonidas asks the varied Arcadian what were their professions. Answers rambled out from sculptor to blacksmith vs his 300 Warriors my hair tingled on my neck. There is lies the difference.

    Good reading.

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