more dry-fire stuff

Yet more dry-fire stuff. Here I am practicing some “up close and personal” situations where I cant push off or punch out. There are various schools of thought about the “elbow drive” vs. clinching vs. headlocks…I just try them all.

In this clip you can see me doing the elbow drive. This is for when the guy is swinging or grabbing at you. You cover your head with your arm and drive into the opponents throat area with your elbow, drawing into a retention position. Im also trying out a fairly new technique I have come across called “the helmet”. Its designed to survive that initial flurry of haymakers by covering the head area with the hands and elbows. Im also practicing drawing from a clinch and from a headlock position.



3 thoughts on “more dry-fire stuff”

  1. Very nice drills. I showed them to my wife and have been practicing these. I don’t have a BOB so we use the muay thai bag in the garage.

    It’s funny how one technique can show up so many places. I have run across the helmet you talk about several times lately. The founder of Crossfit Kids teaches in their kids program as the drunk monkey and we were using it last night at BJJ as an entry into a hip throw. Good stuff. I am enjoying the training videos a ton.

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